About Farmers Mutual of Daviess County…

The company started on August 29, 1891, in Winston, Missouri. It was originally called “Patron’s Home Protection of Daviess County.”  On January 1,1912, at the 20th annual meeting, the name of the company changed to “Farmers Mutual Fire & Lightning Insurance Company of Daviess County.”

On August 14, 1939, a meeting was held in the circuit court room at the Daviess County Courthouse where a decision was made to move the office from Winston to Gallatin. It was located on the second floor of the Bank of Gallatin. The first new meeting in the new office was held on October 9, 1939.

In 1956, Dr. Floyd E. Nelson built a new building to house both his office and the Farmer’s Mutual Fire & Lightning Insurance Company. Dr. Nelson’s father-in-law, Harry Burge, was the Secretary/Treasurer of the company at that time, which prompted Dr. Nelson to include foom for the insurance company in his new office building.

Upon Dr. Nelson’s death in 1982, the entire building was purchased and renovated to house the insurance company where it remains today.

On July 12, 2004, the name of the company was changed to “Farmer’s Mutual Insurance Company of Daviess County.” The Fire & Lightning portion of the title was removed as the directors felt customers would think their coverage was limited to fire and lightning only.

Present officers and directors of the company are…

  • President — Stephen Reed
  • Vice President — Judy Hiley
  • Secretary/Treasurer — Kenneth Lockridge
  • Assist. Secretary/Treasurer — Sharon Lockridge
  • Board Member — Bob Bird
  • Board Member — Tim Osborn
  • Board Member — Steve Stout

About the Lockridge Agency…

This family owned and operated agency was purchased from Bob and Ann Bell in 1993. Ken and Sharon began operating the business on their own, adding son Dallas in 2004 and daughter Tara in 2015. Together, they are able to give you the coverage and support for all your insurance needs under one roof.

  • Owners — Ken & Sharon Lockridge
  • Agent — Dallas Lockridge
  • Agent — Tara Lockridge Burns
  • Agent — Nicole Everman











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